What makes you a serious writer?

I was reading a blog post the other day  about the state of self publishing. The post sparked a bit of a discussion on Facebook. It was stated by someone that it shocks him how many writers don't read books on the craft, or even attempt to further their knowledge and education for their chosen profession. It was mentioned that a writer should be able to list 3 favorite writing books. Naturally, I immediately began to wrack my brain for 3 writing books I enjoy going back to for help. The thing is... I couldn't really think of any.

Does that mean I'm not serious? I hope not! I may not have books on writing littering my shelves (though I do have lots on grammar, editing, and style) but I work hard to continue my education. I take a couple college courses on writing, grammar or editing every year as I slowly work towards a Creative Writing certificate and I attend writing workshops once a month. I read lots online whether it be blogs, or websites. I often do writing exercises I've come across by perusing books or writing magazines (Writer's digest being my favorite), and I enjoy listening to tips on various podcasts put out by successful writers. So, because I can't name 3 writing books that I love, does that mean I'm not serious about writing?

I leave that up to you.

What makes a serious writer? Is there a formula to identifying them like being able to name their top 3 writing books? Unfortunately I don't think so and only time will weed out the serious from the ones just jumping on the self-publishing train.

The publishing world is forever changing and evolving but I think in the end it comes down to whether or not you think you should be putting out a professional product or not. That should never change. Writer's, no matter how well-read or how educated, should always strive to produce a professional product.