#TeaserTuesday "I’m gonna be buried out here, mark my words." #historical #romance

Just a short teaser today, but one of my favorite scenes between Karl and Senona. HeartLikeAnOcean-CoverChapter 2-Excerpt Heart Like an Ocean

“Karl, how long have you been a sailor?” she asked, as she once again studied the movements of his nimble hands. It was hard to believe that a man with such big and rough hands could handle a needle so deftly.

Karl didn’t look up from his sewing to answer. “Long time. Why do you ask?”

Senona shrugged. “Curiosity. Is it a good life?”

“For some. For others it’s just hard. I love the sea. There ain’t nothing better, and I won’t ever leave it. I’m gonna be buried out here, mark my words. My whole life has been for the sea, since I was naught but ten years old I’ve been serving on ships.”

Senona’s eyes widened in surprise. “Ten years old? Where was your childhood?”

He smiled softly. “Not everyone has the luxury of a childhood. Mine was given to the sea. I’m happy though. These men, this crew, they're my family.”

“You and Brant are close, aren’t you?”

“Brant is like a son to me. The only regret I have is that I never had a family of my own.”

Senona wasn’t sure how to respond. Karl was confiding in her information that she doubted was common knowledge.

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