Publication- the aftermath

Well, I'm writing this post sitting in a dr's office waiting to see my OB. Fingers crossed this first meeting goes well and she isn't scary like my last one lol. Anyway, as most of you probably know Heart Like an Ocean hit the shelves last week. The launch has been a whirlwind but a wonderful one. It did well in the rankings. It has been on the genre best seller's list on since the launch, which is amazing. I never dreamed it would do this well and can't wait to see what the future has in store for my book.

My next goal for Heart Like an Ocean? I'd love to see it top 100 overall in Canada. And top 10,000 in the US.

I am also planning a blog tour in March for the book. Most of the dates have filled up (yay!) But if I get more interest I will open up a couple more days a week. If you're a blogger please consider signing up. It's a great way to bring in more readers to your blog. And you don't even have to be a book blogger.

So, was publication everything I dreamed of? I must admit I'm still floating on cloud 9. It is definitely an amazing experience and I'm waiting in excitement and fear for the first reviews to roll on it. So far feedback has been great and my fingers are crossed that translates into ratings.

Now, on to how I did this past week.

Writing: well, this should probably be changed to editing. I've edited the first 8 chapters of Unforgiving Plains. I've also lined up beta readers!

House: we picked out new handles for the cabinets and got all prepared for the installation of the kitchen as well as the firing up of the fireplace.

Pregnany: well, another week has gone by. I'm feeling more energetic but no change in nausea--thank goodness for medication. Hit 14 weeks! And meeting the OB today. **Update: She is very nice and helpful. Not at all condescending. I think we'll get along well. :)**

Fitness: I went horseback riding once. Didn't workout at all. Pretty much a failure. Lol

Goals for this week:

Editing: finish off the read-through of Unforgiving Plains. If there is time start line edits.

House: carpet and vinyl will get installed as well as the kitchen cabinets! **Update: Just informed that our kitchen will be delayed. It is not getting installed until March 4th! A little downer for my Monday, but I just gotta keep positive.**

Pregnancy: since I don't have much control over this I just hope my energy levels keep rising and the nausea starts going away!

Fitness: the weather is starting to turn warmer so I want to get out riding once this week. Not even gonna tell myself I'm gonna do the workout video, I know I won't. Haha

So, that's it. Happy Monday everyone.