Book Review: Crossroads by Chandler McGrew... to be continued...

Today I find myself exactly at the half way point of Crossroads by Chandler McGrew. With it being a very suspenseful book, I thought I would do a little something new with the review, and do a two-parter and give you my thoughts on the first half. Crossroads is a paranormal suspense with an edge of mystery. It opens up quickly and has a foreboding air. You know something bad is going to happen, but you don't know when or to whom.

After that it keeps going, slowly revealing clues as to what our heroine is running from, but with new characters being revealed comes more questions.

The book fully immerses you in a world that is ours, but not. With night terrors and fear of the unknown. In fact, I was so immersed last night, that when the doorbell rang I literally jumped out of my chair in surprise.

I can't wait to see how Chandler McGrew is going to conclude this story and I can't wait to have my questions answered. At half way through the book, I give this book 5 stars. Stay tuned for the conclusion next week Friday.


Sheila Bright talks to the dead including the ghost of her mother who wants to move to California. Kira Graves can produce money out of thin air. The two of them, Shape Shifters, Pookas, Lost Boys and more all inhabit the Crossroads, where good and evil collide.

When Kira's family and everyone else in their carnival are murdered by unearthly creatures called Grigs, Kira and her constant  companion, Jen, flee toward a half-mythical place of safety called Graves Island, but they fail to reach it when Kira is drawn through the looking glass to another world. The planet of the Creators is swiftly deteriorating from a world of dreams into one of nightmares, and the only way to stop the Empty-Eyed Man from turning the entire universe into chaos is for Kira to destroy the tool he most desires, but what she must sacrifice to do so may be worth more to her than the prize.

About the Author

Although he is the author of four critically acclaimed supernatural/suspense thrillers, Chandler McGrew, lives in quiet seclusion in the mountains of Maine. He writes ten to twelve hours a day, fueled by liberal doses of coffee and Pepsi, with only an occasional dollop of single malt scotch to take the edge off.

Born in Texas he lived for almost a decade in Alaska where his first novel, Cold Heart, is set. I Love a Mystery called the book a ‘tense and satisfying read.’ While the Contra Costa Timessaid it was ‘The best opening 10 pages I’ve read this year…reads like a good martini tastes: icy cold, with flecks of terror where the ice chips should be.

Not a bad start for a man who didn’t begin to write professionally until he was in his forties.

Chandler followed Cold Heart with Night Terror, a psychological thriller about a woman who has lost her only son and believes she may be losing her mind as well. Like all his novels the book is peopled by characters who might be your next door neighbor. Or they might be escapees from a boobie hatch. The Denver Post said the novel ‘…plays on the primal fears that cause most adults to lose sleep.’

That’s an adequate description of all of Chandler’s work.

The Darkening, his third book, is a dark, apocalyptic thriller in which two very different individuals must not only find each other but themselves as well before discovering the path that will lead them to salvation. Publisher’s Weekly, the industry standard, said of the book that it was an “addictive…one part Rapture drama, one part Lovecraftian horror story, one part blood-soaked chase… a thrilling one-sit read.”

Which brings us to In Shadows, McGrew’s latest which the Chicago Tribune called “…a born-to-be-a-TV-series story.”

McGrew has the uncanny knack for touching readers and frightening the bejeesus out of them at the same time.

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