When you get stuck, change it up. #amwriting

If you follow my Facebook page, you know that I was struggling with writing the ending for my latest work in progress, Unforgiving Plains. I struggled for a few days, writing only a few words at a time (Thursday I wrote less than 50!) and just unsure of how to bring it to a nice, concise, satisfactory ending. I stared at my screen, I perused Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Nothing helped get those creative juices flowing. Finally, on Saturday, I was sitting at my in laws with nothing to do and I pulled out a notepad from my purse and decided to just start writing the old fashioned way. And guess what? The words started flowing. I finished the last chapter in no time, with very little trouble.

As writers the dreaded writer's block is something we deal with often. As much as we all with we didn't, it's a reality of the job. The trick is to not let it stop you. One of the best ways to do this? Change it up. Whether it's where you write or how you write, changing it up could be just what you need to kick those creative juices back into gear. For me, it works almost every time.

What's your trick around the dreaded writer's block?

How I did last week:

Writing Progress: 3317 words. Finished the last chapter of Unforgiving Plains, which was my goal, but I still have to finish off the epilogue.

House Progress: Flooring didn't go in (I jumped the gun there) but a lot of little things got done to prepare for the next step, so progress was definitely made. We ordered lighting and that's important.

Pregnancy Progress: Well, another week went by. Now 13 weeks. Still sick, still tired. Ideally I need about 12 hours of sleep a night! Most nights I get 9. Starting to feel a little more energy though.

Fitness: Well, this was a joke this past week. I didn't work out even once, and my goal was 3 times.

Goals for this coming week:

Writing: Finish off the epilogue for Unforgiving Plains and start the editing process.

House: Pick new handles for our kitchen (the ones we originally picked are discontinued), prepare for kitchen next week!

Pregnany: Survive to week 14 lol Stop feeling sick!!!!!

Fitness: Go riding at least twice. One workout from my DVD.

On a side note: If you're a blogger I'm looking for your help. I'm arranging a book tour in March for my debut novel Heart Like an Ocean which releases this week. If you're interested in hosting me in some capacity please fill out this super easy and short form. Your help would be greatly appreciated :)