Book Review: Tasting Never by CM Stunich

tasting neverTasting Never is the story of a broken and sad girl named Never. Nothing is going right in her life, she hides from reality with meaningless physical contact, and has witnessed some truly horrible things in her life. Never's story is a sad one. Her inner monologues are heartbreaking. I sat there reading the book and feeling so torn for this character. The thoughts and feelings that she experiences, I think, are experience by a lot of young people in a similar stage of life and that is what will connect her with readers. You don't have to have gone through some kinda of trauma to feel worthless and looking for an escape.

Tasting Never is a story of healing, and it's beautiful. The subject manner is dark, and for mature audiences.

That is what I loved about Tasting Never but it is not without its flaws. Although I could sympathize with the character, that's where my love for the book lies. With the character. The story itself I wasn't crazy about. Not that it was bad, it just wasn't my kind of story. Sex addictions, boyfriends that are ex-prosititues, those kinds of things are not things that interest me. That being said, it is completely a manner of opinion. What I didn't like could very well be what the next reader really loves.

Although the topic has a lot to do with sex, it definitely isn't in the romantic sort of way. It doesn't focus on it in a way that is supposed to entertain you like  a steamy scene in a romance novel is, so in that way I thought it really fit the story.

Also, some of the situations Never finds herself in I found a little unbelievable. But then again, I've never been in her shoes.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Probably not, but that's just because I'm personally uncomfortable recommending books that are based largely around sex as a subject to other people. Will I continue to read the series? Definitely.

I'm giving Tasting Never three out of five stars. I want to point out that this isn't a bad rating. According to Goodreads rating system 3 stars means I liked the book, which I did, and I go further to add that it had a few flaws. But, those flaws were all matters of individual opinion.

Please keep in mind that Tasting Never is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.

Never say Never

Never is a girl with a broken soul who doesn’t date nice guys and can’t seem to go to bed at night without crying herself to sleep. She doesn’t need any complications in her life, especially not when they’re attached to a man that could be her emotional twin.

Ty McCabe can’t stand Never the first time he meets her. He’s aware that the feeling’s mutual and the two don’t think they’ll ever see each other again, but when fate takes a hand and puts them both in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ty and Never form a tentative friendship that opens the door on their dark sides and shows them what it’s like to live in the light.

Genre: New Adult Fiction/Fantasy

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About the Author:

C.M. Stunich was raised under a cover of fog in the area known simply as Eureka, CA. A mysterious place, this strange, arboreal land nursed Caitlin’s (yes, that’s her name!) desire to write strange fiction novels about wicked monsters, magical trains, and Nemean Lions (Google it!). She currently enjoys drag queens, having too many cats, and tribal bellydance.

Always a fan of the indie scene and ‘sticking it to the man,’ Ms. Stunich decided to take the road less traveled and forgo the traditional publishing route. You can be assured though that she received several rejections as to ensure her proper place in the world of writers before taking up a friend’s offer to start a publishing company. Sarian Royal was born, and Ms. Stunich’s books slowly transformed from mere baking chocolate to full blown tortes with hand sculpted fondant flowers.

C.M. is a writer obsessed with delivering the very best and scours her mind on a regular basis to select the most unusual stories for the outside world.

Ms. Stunich can be reached via e-mail or by post and loves to hear from her readers. Ms. Stunich also wrote this biography and has no idea why she decided to refer to herself in the third person.