This is the final countdown.

Is the song playing in your head now? lol, mine too. HeartLikeAnOcean-CoverHeart Like an Ocean drops this weekend. Yes, this weekend! I cannot believe how fast time went!  I'm struggling to finish my final read through on time. With all my attention of making Heart Like an Ocean the best it can be before releasing it to the public, writing has been about the last thing on my mind.

I'm going to keep this post nice a short. Just wanted to let you all know that February 2nd Heart Like an Ocean should be available for download on kindle, and possibly Itunes, B&N, Kobo...etc...

Now, how I did last week:

Words Written: Not as many as I would like. 2,278 words is not awesome, but seeing as my responsibilities lay with Heart Like an Ocean last week, I can't complain.

House Progress: House is painted and flooring is ordered. Right on schedule. :) How many weeks left now? 5? yay!

Pregnancy Progress: 12 weeks! Still feeling sick but hopefully this is the last leg of that.

Fitness: Well, fitness was a bit of a joke. I went out and purchased a pregnancy workout DVD last week Tuesday, and worked out Wednesday. But then I ended up over doing it and I spent Thursday in bed fighting off fever and nausea (the joys of being pregnant). and Friday, Saturday I was much too sore to work out.

Goals for the coming week:

Writing progress: Reality is that until Heart Like an Ocean launches it is my #1 priority this week. However, I would LOVE to finish off the first draft of Unforgiving Plains. If time allows.

House Progress: Start installing flooring! Yes, it's about time for laminate to start going in! Maybe I'm jumping the gun on this one, but I'm pretty sure that's where we're at. And other odds and ends to prepare for the kitchen installation in a couple weeks.

Pregnancy Progress: I would LOVE to stop feeling sick and gain back a little more energy now that I'm entering my second trimester. But, unfortunately these things are not something I have control over.

Fitness: I hope to work out with my DVD set three times this week, but take the workout a little easier than last week.

Have a wonderful week everyone :) Remember, I love to connect on Facebook at Twitter.