Fitness and writing: Do they belong together?

I've been thinking a lot about fitness lately. When I was pregnant with my son I was pretty active. I rode horses, walked weekly, went hiking. I never "exercised" but I didn't just sit around either. However, once I reached the third trimester, and winter set in, I quickly left physical activity behind. I noticed a huge difference in myself, both physically and mentally and I swore that the next time around I'd be active from the start through to the end. However, here I am, entering the eleventh week of my pregnancy and I find myself sitting around a lot more than I am being active. I know that once Spring kicks in that will change, but it still concerns me that I'll be spending the better half of my pregnancy largely inactive.

If you're like me, walking outside in the middle of winter is just not the most ideal thing, especially with a 1 year old in tow. Not when the average temperature is around -30 C. I have a really awesome, fancy, fantastic treadmill but it's currently in storage due to the building of a new house and basically living out of boxes. So, I spend my time looking after a child and sitting on my butt, writing.

Last week I came across this article about being active in the business world and it got me thinking. Pregnancy aside, we should all strive to be more active in our lives. The writer of the article had the great idea of converting many of her business meetings into walking/hiking meetings instead of sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant. This is just a fantastic idea on so many levels. Not only are you getting active, but you are also introducing your active lifestyle to others. But, as writers we don't have a lot of business meetings... so in what way can we incorporate a little physical activity into our jobs that mostly consist of sitting in front of a computer?

I'm looking for ideas to keep myself active in the long winter months and to help introduce fitness into a profession that doesn't seem to have much room for it.

I'm not looking for adding a gym routine to my life, but is there any creative and interesting ideas that can incorporate fitness into what we do, such as a walking meeting. Come on, we're writers, we're creative. Let's rack our brains and work together to find interesting ways to keep fit and healthy.

How I did last week:

words written:3,930 wrote 4 out of 5 days House progress:painting started, kitchen ordered Pregnancy progress: 11 weeks. Still sick. Got an OB that sounds good. Fingers crossed. I had a bad experience with my first pregnancy so I'm pretty nervous about this one.

Goals for the coming week:

Word count goal: 5,000 words. Write 5 days. Things to get done on the house: Finish painting. Order flooring. Pregnancy: Reach week 12 of pregnancy and add something active to my week.