Editors could be what stands between a 2 and 5 star review.

I struggled a bit with whether or not I was going to write the review I had scheduled for today, but I have decided against it for one very simple rule: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

I've heard a few authors say this, and I completely agree. I have no issue with giving an honest review and pointing out constructive things. However, with the book I had planned to review today, I believe the things I had to point out, although constructive, would have been negative and in the end would have hurt the author more than anything.

But that brings me to what I want to talk about instead. Editing.

I've been reading a lot of Indie and self-published authors lately and I've been impressed with the level of care and editing that went into the manuscripts. I had heard the complaint that self-published books aren't edited well, but hadn't come across it until now.

The book I was reading had a fantastic and interesting story but the simple mistakes that were way too abundant made it tough to overlook and it could have been easily rectified by a sub-par editor, not even a great one. Although I always recommend you go with a GREAT editor.

Simple things like no commas at the end of dialogue, capitals starting dialogue tags, head hopping and typoes.

An author is meant to be good at storytelling, and editor is meant to be good at catching the authors mistakes.

So, indie and self-published authors; please hire editors for your manuscript. A clean manuscript is very important. I cannot stress how important it is. Readers are picky, and they want a quality product for their money--and they should! Most readers, even if they don't know grammar rules, are going to notice something isn't quite right and it could be the difference between a 2 star review and a 5.

I hired a fantastic proof reader for my book, Heart Like an Ocean before I even sent it out for submission. The wonderful feedback I got from my publisher's editor after-the-fact made the money I invested 100% worth it.

I highly recommend http://manuscriptproofing.com/ for your proofreading needs, whether self publishing or submitting.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to give your manuscript the care and attention that it deserves.