House Progress-Getting so close! #building

We are getting so close to those final weeks of building! Just before Christmas the entire house got dry-walled, taped and primed. IMG-20121224-00421 IMG-20121224-00422

Since then the finishing has been done (window frames, doors, doorframes..etc..) and flooring has been ordered! We have a tentative move in date of early March. It is coming up so fast!

We have also ordered our kitchen appliances. The next step for us is staining and ordering the kitchen. It won't be a whole lot longer that we are "homeless"!  I can almost count down the days. Instead, I'll count down the weeks for now. 6 weeks left! (hopefully)

With things moving along quite quickly now I'll try and keep you all more updated. Perhaps next Monday I'll have some more pictures to show off :)

In other news:

I've written a grand total of 3,697 words last week. Not great but definitely not bad.

I've added a few more days of posts to the blog in this new year. The new schedule is as follows:

Mondays: Personal post/ Catch up Tuesdays: Teaser (currently featuring Heart Like an Ocean) Wednesdays & Thursdays: Book features Fridays: Book reviews Saturdays: Contests (on the weeks that there is one running)

Keep your eyes open. I have a contest coming very soon :)

I am also going to start having a Book of the month. The book will be chosen from the 4 books I reviewed all month and will be based on whichever one I enjoyed reading the most, regardless of review. So a 4 star review could beat out a 5 star. Those will be featured on the last Saturday of the month.

Hope you are all having a great week. Mine has started out not so great but on an up note I'm going for my first ultrasound tomorrow for this pregnancy. I'll hopefully find out for sure how far along I am and then I can proceed to book an appointment to find out the gender!

This pregnancy has been tough, though not any more so than my first one. I suffer from extreme nausea and instead of just morning sickness I am sick 24/7. I'm on week 4 of being sick but I'm on medication now and that helps out a ton! It's very frustrating though to not be 100%. But I'm finding it in myself to write still so that's an plus.

Basically, I'm a very miserable pregnant person. Pregnancy does not treat me well so if I'm not around, grouchy, or not as active in social media as I should be, please bear with me. Hopefully the worst will be over in a few weeks :) Fingers crossed.