Merry Christmas!

Well, it's Friday. Christmas and Boxing Day have come and gone and now we have New Years to look forward to. But before we jump ahead to 2013, it's time to reminisce a little on the Christmas season. Despite my deep hatred for Christmas music and decorations being pulled out in November, I love Christmas. I love the family and friends I get to spend time with and the whirlwind of activity that never seems to end. Until now. Now it's all settled down and I've managed to grab a second  or two and breathe.

I want to wish each and every one of my readers, regulars or popped ins, a very Merry Christmas. I am thankful for the time you take to read my blog and follow the goings on in my life.

Christmas is not quite over here yet. We're celebrating it with my family on January 1st, so I still have some time to revel in the holiday. Not to mention my husband has some time off work so I get to see plenty of him. This is probably the best Christmas gift of all. With him working on building our house for the last 6 months I very rarely get to see him. Although work on the house hasn't ended I no longer have to share him with his day job, so we get some time to veg out, watch TV and spend time with our son.

I've been embracing this vacation whole-heartedly. I haven't written a whole lot all month and I've been a bit lenient with my blog posts. I did manage to reveal the cover for HEART LIKE AN OCEAN though. And I also guest blogged at Bernadette Marie's blog for her 12 Days of Christmas.

It's been an interesting month. We've had flues traveling at lightening speed through the family and extended family, leaving get togethers either lacking a lot of energy or missing people but in despite it all there was laughter and joy and memories to be made.

What are some memories from this Christmas that you will take with you?

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year.