I'm exhausted already!

I went and looked at my schedule and was very relieved to see today had no pre-set subject to blog about. So, you all get to hear a bit about my life now. It's been a little bit, since I've mostly been fitting Monday's with NaNoWriMo posts, but I don't think I can possibly do that anymore. You can only stretch a one month event so long. December has been an interesting month so far. It's been busy and exhausting. I had to finish off my two college courses and move from my in-laws to another place that became available (and as thankful as I am for the time they allowed us to live with them it is very nice to be discovering our own family dynamic again). Let's not even get into Christmas festivities beginning. They start full force this weekend and I don't think I'm ready for them yet.

IMG_0078A couple days ago I began revealing the cover art for my book Heart Like an Ocean over on my facebook page. I encourage you to check it out if you haven't because along with daily photos revealing a little bit more of the cover there is also trivia. Answering the trivia correctly will earn you entries for a coffee mug. You can check out the album here and answer the last 3 days of trivia.

I've decided that I will reveal the trivia answers at the end of the event, along with the final cover, so that people who are joining in late still have the opportunity to earn up to ten entries.

Aside from cover revealing, Heart Like an Ocean has been out of my hands for a little while now. I received the last of the edits and handed them back to my editor for a final read-through and formatting. This is leaving me free as a bird to finish up the first draft of Unforgiving Plains and I'm hoping my exhaustion from last week is being replaced with some energy so I can get motoring. My original goal was to have the first draft done by the end of December, but with 35 thousand words to go and barely 15 days left it will be a stretch, especially with all the Christmas stuff happening in there. But, I'm still gonna give it a shot. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Okay, enough blogging, this is 400 words I could have gotten towards Unforgiving Plains lol. I'll start posting the little snippets again this week, I promise :)

Have a good week everyone, it's the last one before holidays!

P.S. Can you tell my brain isn't quite working at full speed? I posted this without a title lol.