Book Review: Forbidden Life by Kimberly Kinrade

forbidden-life-coverForbidden Life is the non-stop, fast paced, edge of your seat final installment of the Forbidden Trilogy, a fantastic YA novel. I thought book 1, Forbidden Mind was good, and it was, but then I read book 2 Forbidden Fire and it was even better. I expected Forbidden Life to be a much calmer, wrap up of the story. It was the exact opposite. It had more action and suspense than the other two books combined.

I loved, loved, loved that Luke and Lucy--particularly Lucy--got an even bigger spotlight in this book. They are fantastic characters and have quickly grown to be my favorite. Kimberly, if you're reading this, I'd love to see more Luke and Lucy in the future ;)

What else is there to say? The characters are lovable and have you rooting for the good guys and booing the bad guys from page one. There are twists and turns that I didn't expect, keeping my gripped and on the edge of my seat. Forbidden Life also broaches on more mature subjects that the other two didn't address, but is done tastefully, without dressing it up or making things appear more glamorous than they are. Questions from the entire series are wrapped up here, but there is definite room for spin offs, which I believe are in the works, but don't quote me on that.

Some of the things addressed in this series are homosexuality, first loves, single parenthood, unplanned pregnancies and sex. Yes, these are some big topics that are very controversial. Normally, if I found these topics in a YA novel I would be leery  but Kimberly handles them all well and to a level that I think is appropriate for children from the ages of 12-18, but as parents you have to use your own discretion. Nothing is glamorized, gone into great detail, or shoved in people's faces as right one way or the other. Reality is that we are faced with these things every single day and so are the young adults in the world as they navigate their way through highschool which are some of the most confusing years of any teens life.

Like I said, in the end you have to decide for yourself if these are topics you are comfortable reading or having your children read. I won't condone them one way or the other. In the end, I loved the book. It's my favorite of the entire series and I love the series.

I hope to see many more YA book by Kimberly Kinrade in the future. 5 Stars for Forbidden Life.

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Forbidden Life

A sinister force waits for them in darkness, ready to devour their powers and take their lives.

Sam's baby is the key to a lock that must never be opened. To keep her child safe, Sam will do anything.

Drake might have found a way to get his powers back and save his family, but at what cost?

Luke and Lucy uncover secrets in an organization they thought they could trust, and the lives of all Rent-A-Kid children are at stake. ~~~~~~~~~~ In this final installment of the award-winning "Forbidden Trilogy", the secrets to Rent-A-Kid will finally be revealed.

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kimberlyKimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for children, YA and adults and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal novels Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire and her illustrated children’s fantasy chapter books Lexie World, and Bella World, all on Amazon @KimberlyKinrade