#NaNoWriMo is done. The start of a new month.

NaNoWriMo is done. It has now been three days since the completion of the writing marathon month and I'm feeling a little ... sad. I loved the rush and pressure as well as the camaraderie that NaNo offered and now it's back to the everyday grind. I'm pleased to say that 3 out of the 4 of us completed the 50,000 word goal. And the 1 that didn't still got a lot accomplished. I'm proud of everyone that crossed the finish line. I'm proud of everyone that crossed the starting line. I'm proud of myself for having the best NaNo to date. I completed the 50,000 word mark on the 18th, my personal goal of 60,000 words on the 25th and finished the entire story on the 30th. Final word count: 68,410. This is night and day difference from my first NaNo, which I gave up on 10,000 words in, and my second NaNo that I completed but struggled to maintain my word count every single day.

like my rough cover? Don't worry, this isn't the real thing.

With Exodus complete it is now time to leave it behind for a little while and return to Unforgiving Plains. Vince and Rayna had been sitting too long and I need to get back to their story. I've taken the last couple days off of writing but with the first full week of December comes a return to work as well. I will return to Exodus for the edits once the first draft of Unforgiving Plains is complete. I'm a little scared though because I already know how much is going to have to change! The editing process always scares me a little but once I get started I love it. There's something incredibly powerful about holding that red pen in my hand and swiping out words wherever I please.

Heart Like an Ocean is nearly complete. My Editor and I are on the last few chapters and then it's on to the final read through and formatting. I'm hoping that I'll have some cover art to reveal to you soon and with cover art comes fun stuff. I'm thinking keychains and bookmarks and maybe a coffee mug or two. Also, with the completion of edits means it'll be time to start getting you, my potential readers, excited. Book excerpts and quotes will be coming your way soon. I was planning on starting all that in January but it looks as if I may be starting it this month already. That may mean a little change in the blog schedule as well.

With reviews, catch up posts and the addition of Heart Like an Ocean excitement, I think it's time to change to schedule slightly. Catch up posts will continue to come on Monday but I'm thinking that once the edits are complete I'm going to add a Teaser Tuesday segment. As far as the reviews go . . . Are you enjoying them? They are a lot of work but I do want to continue with them. However, I'm considering changing them from Thursdays to Fridays or even one every second week. Of course, it's all flexible. There are some weeks in Decemeber and January that are a complete shuffle of the usual days and also packed very full.

On another note: have you entered my raffle yet? I'm running a giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card. I'm hoping that this little event can bring my facebook followers up to 150. It's been three days and so far I'm up to 113 from 104. I think if we continue at that average I can reach my goal. Getting more followings on Facebook and Twitter is important for getting the word about my book out and could help with a successful launch. You can enter the giveaway here:a Rafflecopter giveaway

December is the end of the year and with it comes a lot of excitement in preparation for 2013. I can't wait for everything it's got in store for me. Thanks for following my journey thus far and I hope you continue to stop by.