Book Review: Forbidden Fire Book 2 of the Forbidden Trilogy

It isn't often I get the pleasure of picking up a second book in a series that is better than the first, but Forbidden Fire is just that. You can see the review I wrote on the first book Forbidden Mind here. The story starts off shortly after the last one ends with Sam and Drake on the run after escaping Rent-A-Kid. They've found refuge with Drake's friend, Brad, and are now working on a plan to expose Rent-A-Kid and get the other para-kids out.

This book is action packed. Where the last one happens a lot in Sam's head as she's realizing the evil that is under the surface of Rent-A-Kid, this one has a sense of urgency and fear, now that they understand more of what's going on, that the last one didn't have until closer to the end. Not to mention, the escape of Sam and Drake has caused a few changes to be brought about at Rent-A-Kid.

Where once Rent-A-Kid was an idyllic boarding school with para-kids, albeit some shady things going on beneath the surface, it has now turned into a prison. Guards walk everywhere not for the kids protection, but to keep them in line. Forbidden Fire takes a much darker twist than the first book, and it really works. People die. Revolts rise up with great consequences. And with every action comes a reaction. Kids have to struggle with questions of right and wrong, what amount of sacrifice is worth it--if any, and the very real idea of not making it out alive.

Kimberly Kinrade writes Forbidden Fire with the same quick, action packed style she wrote the first book, though this one is definitely a lot more heart-racing. She writes a dark story line with some truly evil characters without crossing a line of appropriateness in writing for a younger audience. Not only that, she humanizes her villains making them real. You still hate them, you still hope that the Para-kids triumph over them, but there is a sense of sympathy you feel for them.

I finished Forbidden Fire wanting to read more, eager to find out the next step in Sam and Drake's life and, if my sisters are reading this review, you can probably expect to receive the omnibus edition at some point.

One thing about this book that I didn't notice in the first one (it is there, though), but really like, is the fact that Sam's scenes are written in first person, while Drake's and Lucy's are written in third. I found this to be a very interesting take and really helped differentiate the character's different voices in my mind.

I'm giving Forbidden Fire by Kimberly Kinrade a 5 out of 5 stars because it remains appropriate for a YA audience, has a fast paced, edge of your seat plot, has well rounded characters, deals well with the issues addressed, and of course leaves you wanting more.

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Keep your eyes open for open for my review on the third book Forbidden Life.

She escaped, but she’ll never be free.

“Time held no meaning as my mind darted in and out of memories. Past and present collided to create a full-sensory collage out of my life: playing hide-n-seek with my best friends Luke—who always cheated by walking through walls when he was about to be caught—and Lucy; Mr. Caldrin critiquing my sketches and offering ideas to make them more realistic; targets changing faces, blending into the same person, their thoughts rippling through my mind like waves. Through it all, a demon stalked me from the shadows of my memories, never quite showing its face, but crouching, waiting.

And then I dreamed....”

Sam and Drake may have escaped, but they aren’t free—not with a powerful Seeker after them. As Sam struggles with the ethics of her new powers and embraces a blossoming physical relationship with Drake, Lucy and Luke face challenges of their own.

With forces coalescing inside and outside the Rent-A-Kid dorms, it’s only a matter of time before the fire they started forces each of them to make choices they can’t undo. But will it be enough to save them?

Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for children, YA and adults and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal novels Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire and her illustrated children's fantasy chapter books Lexie World, and Bella World, all on Amazon.