12 Days into #NaNoWriMo: Thoughts and Quotes.

We are nearly half way through NaNoWriMo and I thought I'd do a special post with J, B and H's thoughts (and mine of course) on how it's going as well as some quotes from everyone's work-in-progress. Has anyone hit the week two slump? Or are you still racing ahead towards that finish line, whatever your pace may be?

All four of us are writing Science Fiction novels. I guess all of us being friends and writing buddies (though it's been a few years since we've actually done any writing together) has left us with similar interests. And yet, everyone's story is very different and very much their own. I love to hear everyone's ideas as one of us gets really excited about something, or we need to bounce things off of a fresh mind. :)

B's book, End Flight, is space opera-y with a dark twist. His description had me thinking Firefly meets Alien. Intrigued? So am I!

"I think the whole thing is brilliant and pushes you to become disciplined. [It's] a great way to kick start people who have always thought of writing to actually pull out the pen and paper and let their imagination take over." -B on what he thinks of NaNoWriMo.

"He gave his whole life to the Allied Planets Space Federation, and now instead of being given one of the fifty-one freedom cards in the deck, he was dealt the one joker card that had ‘game over’ written all over it." - End Flight

J is writing a suspenseful tragedy that is sure to be sweeping and epic (can tragedies be either?). Identity came to him through a song, and after listening to it, I can only imagine where the story is going to go.

"It's going great."- J on his writing progress. (Of course when he's kicking everyone's butt in overall word count he'd have so little to say  :P)

"The faint smell of smoke was in the air, carried by the light breeze that tugged at her dress. Her face was pale in the moonlight, an eerie white luminescence that burned with sorrow. The teardrops glistened orange as they rolled down he cheeks, cascading into the darkness below, lost into the city." - Identity

H is writing a far future, hard science story based in Chemistry. When a technology used for medical purposes is taken and mutated from progress to unethical mind control, it is banned. However, if you know where to look, anything can be found for the right price.

"I just realized how complicated my plot is . . ." - H when she was trying to explain to me what her story entails.

"The one-story store front was grey; the sort of grey that once had been white but had darkened from years of dust and neglect. The building number was tarnished and barely legible, but Anna knew she was at the right place. The faded sign read “Pawn Shop” in red, almost pink lettering, and through the clouded shop window she could she could see dusty items with faded price tags beside them. The pawn shop was merely a front; the real business went on in the back. " - Progress

My story, Exodus, is a Dystopian drama. In the future Clones have been created as a slave race, treated as less than animals and expected to do as they're told. They do all the dirty work, but what society doesn't realize is that the Clones are running this world. Exodus follows the viewpoints of a few key characters, both Human and Clone, and the gritty fight for freedom where morals are suspended and lives are at stake.

"NaNoWriMo has been going really well for me. A lot better than expected, actually. I'm loving my story and characters and have to force myself to take time away from them. As my father-in-law observed yesterday; It's becoming an obsession." -  Me!

"The only thing on his mind was Pilar. Her and the fact that for once he was about to do something with his life that actually mattered. Maybe, if he could get the ball rolling before going to trial, it would atone for all his sins." - Exodus

Keep in mind that all these quotes are ROUGH drafts. They have not been edited, and are just a fun way of sharing a small part of what we've gone through so far this month.

I hope you're enjoying our journey. Now I have a couple announcements:

  • I have a very special review coming up on WEDNESDAY instead of Thursday. It is the release day of my Writing Coach, Matt Wallace's book The Failed Cities Monologues. 
  • Also, check out a friend of mine's cover reveal for her book Breaking the Nexus which is to be released 12/12/12: https://www.facebook.com/events/101826983313369
  • On Saturday November, 17th I'll have a post on a special price for a book I've reviewed in the past--Just in time for the Christmas season :)
  • And last, but not least, in the next little while I will begin to run some contests!

Oh, and what do you think of the blog's new name and look? I'm always trying to improve it and make it my own :)