Update: House progress

The house is moving along at a nice pace. As of right now the basement floor has been poured, the roof is shingled, and the plumbing is roughed in. We went shopping for lighting last weekend and we've already picked out all our plumbing fixtures. The exterior windows and doors have all been installed and basically the house is really starting to look like a house. Kyle is busy with interior framing like the trayed ceilings and bulkheads. Our kitchen is basically designed but has yet to be manufactured and installed, and we picked out a lot of our appliances over the weekend, though nothing is purchased yet.

Building a house is a huge undertaking and this is the second time we've done this! I cannot wait until I get to move into my own house again. Currently we're living with my in-laws and, although I am incredibly thankful that they've opened their house to us, I'm more than ready for my own space again.

The thing I'm the most excited for is the sun room Kyle is making for me! I've always wanted a sun room. I used to do all my writing in coffee shops and since that isn't as feasible now that I have a son I can now turn this room into my own writing space at home.

The writing side of my life has been incredible. I've been writing a minimum of 1,000 words a day, sometimes closer to 2,000! I'm so motivated and exited about Unforgiving Plains. It's been going so well that I'm sad to set it aside come November 1st for NaNoWriMo. However, I am hoping to double my word count by October 31st so that I'll be halfway through when I set it aside. So, for the next 9 days I have to write minimum of 2,000 words every single day to reach that goal--I have not done that yet today.

Also, for the first year ever a friend of mine is joining me in the NaNoWriMo challenge! We used to write together all the time when we were younger so this is very exciting. We already have some coffee dates planned to work on our daily wordcount together. Also, my ten year old sister is going to do the young writers program with a goal of 100 words a day. She's more on top of it than me with basically her whole story outlined already. I think I can safely say that I'm more excited for this NaNoWriMo than any other year.

And last of all, the edits for Heart Like an Ocean are underway. The first five chapters are done and it is on its way to being ready for the February release date.

Don't forget that you can keep updated with my writing life and progress through my Facebook page and Twitter. I love to hear from you guys and to know I'm not just speaking to myself. :)