'Cart Before the Horse' Review

As soon as I heard of 5 Prince Publishing's interest in my novel I started researching them and reading some of the books they've put out. The first book I picked up was Cart Before the Horse by Bernadette Marie. Cart Before the Horse is a well paced, easy read that grips you from start to finish. I started reading this book at 10 PM because I couldn't sleep and I was hoping a little reading would quiet down my brain and let me drift off. Well, this book did the exact opposite. I didn't stop reading it until it was finished at 3:30 AM that same night. That alone said to me this was a good book. This book is a Romance. Things happen fast. Some people might complain because the main characters meet each other and basically fall head over heals for each other in a matter of days. If that's a complaint of yours then you're reading the wrong genre. You probably don't like many chick flicks either. There is drama, there is laughter and tears and that's the reason we read Romance, right? Escape from reality and immersion in fantasy. One thing that really made me love this book is that even though it's a romance and it comes with everything romance does it's not very explicit at all and the plot is moved forward with events and characters instead of sex. Don't get me wrong, there is still sex, but it's not over done. It is easy to get lazy with romance by inserting explicit scenes and letting the plot limp along. Bernadette does not do this. She has crafted a solid and interesting plot and for that I recommend Cart Before the Horse. Take a look at the book blurp and if you're looking for a light read give it a try. For $3.99 (ebook) it's not a whole lot more than a Starbucks coffee. Gabriel Maguire thought he'd buried his past until the night he met Holly, only to lose the woman he cared about, again. Holly Jacobs has always put the cart before the horse. A prodigy who shot to stardom in textile design, she never knew a normal life—and there's nothing she longs for more than to be normal. Pregnant before she even knows the name of her baby's father, Holly has put the cart miles ahead of the horse this time. But when she and Gabe meet for the second time, they decide to have their baby together. Holly finally begins to accept her unique way of doing everything backward, but Gabe's very normality drives her up the walls. Then his tragic past rears up; pain and loss threaten to destroy forever the fragile bond that has blossomed between him and Holly. Sometimes the only way to get where you need to be is to put the cart before the horse.Buy Here: Cart Before the Horse http://5princebooks.com/books.htm#CART_BEFORE_THE_HORSE