Big News!

As many of you know, I had a big decision to make over last weekend. Some of you know what it involved, most of you don't. Well, I was actually thinking about this decision for most of last week, but a decision has been met and I am beyond excited about it! In fact, I've been holding off blogging until I could share this news with you (though I wasn't beyond teasing on facebook). Also... I've used the word decision A LOT in this first paragraph. So without further ado:

Last week I was offered a publishing contract by 5 Prince Publishing for my Historical Romance novel; Heart Like an Ocean!

After much thinking and talking with 5 Prince, I signed the contract. As I mentioned already I am beyond excited about it. In fact, I was nearly moved to tears on the way to work yesterday just thinking that my book is going to be published.

It is both incredibly exciting and terrifying to be handing over my work to the public eye but I can't wait to share this story with you--though I will have to wait a little longer.

Over 3" of paper! first, second and third draft.

Just to clarify the book with be sold primarily online but may be in a few physical stores. I will keep you updated on where it can be purchased later.

Anyway the best way to keep updated is, of course, my blog (which you can subscribe to) but there is also my author page on facebook and twitter.

Also, drop by the publisher's website and take a look at the other books they've put out: