The Loose Cannon- Writer's Workshop

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to be a part of Matt Wallace's The Loose Cannon writer's workshop and boy was that a treat. I had never participated in a workshop before and so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect other than I was going to be working on my writing. Matt Wallace not only helped me improve he is also brutally honest about his student's writing which thrilled me to no end. All too often in my life I hear "you have a gift" or "you're an amazing writer" but I don't always hear the pure, unedited truth about what someone thinks and that is what I loved about TLC (The Loose Cannon). Matt did not tiptoe around. He didn't try to sugar coat it. He told us how it was and then explained why and how it didn't work.

Saturday's session was on similes and metaphors. Now you might be thinking that's "elementary, my dear Watson", which it is. Most of us have known since grade school English that a simile is like or as and a metaphor literally is. However, Matt took it a step beyond that. He refreshed our memory on how similes and metaphors work but he also explained when to use them and, beyond that, focused on style. Anyone can write a correct simile or metaphor but getting the right style and having it enhance the writing instead of distract is a little harder.

I don't normally use a lot of similes or metaphors in my writing. My style has always been a bit bare bones, which I've considered a weakness (whether it is or not is up to the reader) so working with Matt on Saturday was a real treat and has erased my fear of descriptive language.

Matt puts on TLC workshops every few months online and I am looking forward to participating in another one on Feb 25th. Here is the link to his website: and you can follow him on twitter:!/MattFnWallace