Untitled Sci-Fi story- Intro

***To kick off the end of my mat-leave I'm posting the intro to my untitled Sci-Fi story. Comments and feedback are appreciated. Please keep in mind that this is by no means a final draft. I hope you enjoy it.***

The world is a wonderful and prosperous place, but it wasn't always like this. Years of pain and self-destruction were endured before we emerged into this new and beautiful world.

In 2009 what seemed like a fairly manageable flu virus escalated into a pandemic that took over the world and left the human race struggling to survive. H1N1 ended the lives of nearly three billion people. China's population was cut in half. Healthcare all around the world put the economy so far in debt that there was no hope of resuscitation. Free health care became a thing of the past, a memory of a better time. Taxes rose across the board in every country but with the unemployment rate steadily rising no one could afford to pay them. This all happened by the year 2015, only six years after the first outbreak of H1N1. It had started as the swine flu but had quickly been renamed the swine plague.

A vaccine had been developed and released quickly in 2009, before the real crisis had begun, but it had not been tested extensively enough and left more people as hopeless invalids than it actually saved. The ten percent that weren't reduced to drooling vegetables either didn't become immune at all or became even more susceptible. Many people believed it was the failed vaccine that ruined humanity’s chances to pull through relatively unscathed. Because of all this the world was placed in a recession worse than any other in our history.

This recession, known as the cursed age, lasted sixty-three years, from 2010 till 2073. 2073 was when it all changed. A young scientific prodigy by the name of Derik Glasgow saved the human race. He came from a rich family, but they were almost utterly wiped out by the Swine Plague and so he alone had their vast fortune at his disposal. And in an economy with no money, his fortune was worth so much more. When money becomes scarce the rich become richer while the poor become poorer.

At the age of twenty he invented In-Skins; computers implanted directly into the brain. These were sold to governments all over the world, mainly for military use. In turn this opened up jobs. Soon a civilian model In-Skin was released and then he moved on to cars. Wheels became a thing of the past. Derik Glasgow's brilliance finally introduced us to flying cars available to the public. With his enormous company employing nearly ten thousand people money started to flow. Businesses were reopened and goods were sold. Money exchanged hands and the economy continued to rise. However, with the reduced population and the rising economy there didn't seem to be enough people to fill the jobs. High-rise buildings were going up everywhere. Everything was being urbanized, and there was not enough laborers.  The world's savior, Derik Glasgow had a solution for this as well. Droids. Adapting his In-Skin technology he managed to create an AI and a metal body to house the “brain.” However, could metal men and circuit boards replace the real thing? Could artificial intelligence work and learn as well as organic intelligence? It was thought that the droids would be sufficient. They worked quickly and effectively but they lacked common sense and intuition. Although rarely making mistakes factory accidents seemed to rise in numbers. Machines were not meant to be run by machines. They were created by human and imperfect minds and thus needed to be run by them. Once again Derik Glasgow would rise to the occasion and create a solution. I am that solution.

With a world short on human life and the need for just that, what better way to solve the problem then by perfecting a science that has been around for over 100 years? Cloning. The world could have their workers, their slaves, with human minds and emotions and thoughts without the high pay and development time needed for natural births. We could be created to suit the jobs that needed to be filled and our minds could be shaped to serve their every wish. We were created to be robots. Robots made of flesh and blood. It was the perfect solution to all mans problems.

They choose to see us as an invention, a creation, less than human and so we can be treated as such. But as organic beings, grown or not, do we not have emotions? We see the oppression we are under and yet we are so brainwashed that we refuse to acknowledge it. We go about our day-to-day lives seeing no other way of life. We endure the ridicule, the maltreatment, the name-calling, and the racism and accept it as an aspect of our lives. Is this something we must endure? Is this all we live for? It's what I was created to believe. Now the world is in the year 2113 and the recession has left everyone's minds. There isn't even a third world country in existence anymore. They were either killed off in the plague or have benefited from the economy's rebound. War is obsolete. Man has finally created their perfect world. The only problem is... It's only perfect for those in control.