Taking a few minutes...

So I have one week left of my self-proclaimed mat-leave but I have found myself writing in the past two weeks more than ever. Why? Because I picked up journaling. I've never been much of a journaler. I would write out my feelings when I needed to sort things out once in a blue moon, but never consistently explored my thoughts until now. I've read a lot of books on writing and almost all of them encourage a form of journaling but I never paid any heed to that advice. Now I see the benefit to it. It's nice to be able to sit down and just pour out random thoughts without any worry to form, grammatical correctness, or even flow. I'm still writing but I don't have to put any huge amount of effort into it and the great thing is that it gets me into the habit of writing a little bit every day, much like NaNoWriMo does in November.

Not a lot of time is needed either. More than just getting myself into the habit of writing every day, journaling has gotten me into the habit of picking up book and writing for five minutes here and there as I have time. Writing creatively can be done the same way. I don't need to schedule out an hour or so of my already busy day to get writing done, I just need to realize that when I have five minutes to spare I can pick up my writing and get a few sentences down before continuing with my day. Taking a few minutes every day really adds up.

I have been thinking a lot about when I have little bits of time to do writing. Of course there is the hour or two while the baby is sleeping but I was thinking last night about what would be the best time. Now, with a new baby in the house I'm up at least once in the middle of the night to feed him. During the day I usually watch twenty minutes or so of TV while I feed (yes, I know my time could be used more wisely) but at night I don't like to make extra noise as my husband is sleeping and has to be up early for work so I usually just sit in my chair and rock while contemplating things, such as writing. But what if I could use that twenty minutes in the middle of the night to get a little writing done? Like I said, it's all about utilizing time and what better time to do it when I have to sit for a period of time anyway?

Of course there is the small problem of having a baby taking up my hands but I've thought of that too. At night I could dictate my writing into my cellphone and during the day I could type it up, getting a second draft out of the way almost instantly. Talk about utilizing time.

This new form of writing will take a little getting used to as I've always written a lot in one sitting then didn't write anything for a while. Now I have to get used to taking a few minutes everyday but I think in the end my writing will become better (it will stay fresh in my mind) and more will get accomplished.