First Story Sold!

Well I haven't blogged in a few months but I thought I should write a short little post and let everyone know that I've sold a story. Yes, I am to be a published author. The story is to be part of an anthology being put out by EDGE, a Canadian publishing company ( So, the best thing about this news is... EVERYTHING! The worst thing about this news is... I'm still pregnant so I can't even crack open a bottle of wine to celebrate. Oh well, the news is still sinking in. Maybe by the time it has sunk in and am actually ready to celebrate I will be able to do so in a proper fashion.

Speaking of celebrating, my husband asked me if there was some kind of tradition for writers when they sell their first story, or sell a story at all. I have never heard of any such tradition so if there is one it must be a well-kept secret.

So for those of you who are writers and have sold stories here's my question to you: How do you celebrate?