I have come to a very important decision this past week. I'm taking a break. Going on an early mat-leave. I spent half this week sick, tired, pregnant, tired and trying to keep up with everything I have going on. I have a house that is always messy, I'm too tired to hang out with my friends, I was even too tired to go see one of my best friends, and brother-in-law, yesterday when he came home from college for the weekend. It is time for these things to change.

I have spent the better part of my pregnancy trying to pretend that I'm not pregnant. Trying to do everything I used to be able to do. That went relatively well in the first and second trimester but not so much anymore. Now I'm not allowed to ride horses, I get tired incredibly quickly, and I'm uncomfortable 80% of the time. People keep telling me to take it easy, to enjoy my pregnancy, and so far my idea of "enjoying my pregnancy" has been hiking and horseback riding and pretty much being normal me. That is not enjoyment. That is pushing my body to the limits when it is already working incredibly hard. So I'm going on mat-leave.

I will no longer be proofreading or editing any papers or novels until the baby is born, at least. Probably longer since I'll have to get used to looking after another human being. I will no longer be blogging. I may possibly, once in a blue moon, but not regularly. I will not set myself any goals for writing. I do plan on writing, but for fun. I have no set goals (other than getting one short story done for submission that I have already started) and I intend to rediscover my love of writing just for the sake of writing.

I will not beat myself up over the fact that my house is a mess. I do not have the energy to clean it from top to bottom and that's fine. Baby steps will get a house clean too, it just takes longer.

My top priorities are enjoying the last few months of this pregnancy and finishing school (though I kinda wish I had decided to take some time off from that too).

To my friends that always run to me for essay editing: I'm probably going to say no. I'm sorry but this is my time. I love and am flattered that I'm your go-to person to polish off your essays but right now I need to concentrate on me and baby. I'm sure you all understand,

So that's my littleĀ announcement. I've kinda disappeared off of twitter lately and I will probably continue to be less active until I'm ready to tackle platform building and promotion and all that stuff again.

Thank you all for your support.