Discouraging Blogging

I've been writing this blog for... a month or so now and I have to say it's a little discouraging. I am exciting over stats when there are 15 views in a day but really, that's nothing. Is my blog helping me in anyway on a networking level or is it me just rambling on and on and getting no where? I read a blog post this morning that was about whether or not blogging is dead. (http://fictiongroupie.blogspot.com/2011/09/is-blogging-dead.html) I have to say that some of the things written were like slaps in the face. My blog is like a million others out there. There is nothing especially appealing about it. I write random rambling about writing and my writing life but there isn't much to offer a reader other than, if you're a writer, that there are others like you. This will not help me build a platform, network, or anything really. I can't just writing a blog about writing in general and expect to get a following. So, I think it's time I start looking at some specifics. What do people actually want?

I offer myself as a freelance editor and proofreader so I think maybe I should start blogging about things to do with that. Tips and tricks of editing, especially now that school has started and so many students have to self edit their essays. So, since reading that blog post this morning I have decided I cannot be like every other fish in the huge sea of writing blogs, I have to give myself more specificity. From now on I'll be writing short blog posts about editing, whether it's commonly mistaken words and easy ways to keep from mixing them up, or quick tips on how to edit an essay or short story if you have no one else to look over it. This blog is no longer random ramblings about writing. It now has a purpose. Now I think it just needs a new name.