A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Well, School has started for both grade school and College/University and I am no stranger to the start of school. I am halfway through my first week of College courses on Copyediting and Mystery Writing and am excited to learn more about my craft, however, I am finding myself more excited about the editing aspect of this fall and less about the writing, perhaps because my life is starting to take a new direction. I have been very busy lately with some proofreading, writing a short story for an anthology (fingers crossed it gets accepted!), school, and my house which is getting carpet this week! And lets not forget the baby that's coming in something like 13 weeks. Man, time flies! So, as you can probably tell, the blog has kinda fallen by the wayside.

Another great and lovely thing is that my laptop is in for repairs so I've been stuck on my husband's old junker of a computer. I have another proofreading project (a short one, thankfully) but have been putting it off in hopes that my computer comes back before the end of the week and I can proofread with my lovely MS Word instead of OpenOffice (which doesn't seem to agree with some of the formatting).

All in all I'm enjoying the busyness and the results that occur because of it. My house is finally coming together, so I can relax about it being ready for the baby. I'm hoping to get some testimonials up for the editing and proofreading I do in the next month or so and possibly post the first chapter of my Historical Fiction novel, and maybe, just maybe, an excerpt from my current Sci-Fi novel. Also, my posts will probably be cut down to once a week. I'll try to be consistent with that.

So I guess you can call this post a bit of an update or catch-me-up. Hope everyone is enjoying back to school, whatever that means for you... and if fall has arrived for you like it has for me then enjoy the nice crisp weather and warm drinks that come with it.