The Support System

I am of the opinion that for writers having the support of our spouse, family or best friend is incredibly important. We need them to not only be our cheerleaders when we get down or just don't feel like writing, but we also need them to be the voice or reason because, unfortunately, life isn't only about writing. I am incredibly lucky to not only have a supportive family and friends but an incredibly supportive husband who very rarely complains when the dust collects on the TV, window sills and floor and prefers to ask me about my writing. However, last night we had a discussion about the future that really got me thinking. What does writing mean to me?

With our first baby on the way we are both aware that in the next 4 months life is about to change drastically. I do some proofreading for a small publishing press on the side ( and I love it but it has been brought to my attention that between keeping a house in order, keeping up with my own writing and looking after a new born I may have to re-evaluate my priorities. My husband is incredibly supportive of my writing, he doesn't want that to suffer when we have kids, although we both agree that responsibility #1 on my to-do list is to be a mom. But, it has come to my attention that he was not entirely aware that writing is only one part of my dream.

One of my dreams has always been to be an editor. I am currently working towards that by getting experience as a proofreader (not nearly being an editor but as far as I'm concerned you gotta start somewhere) and taking creative writing classes by correspondence.

Maybe it's my low self esteem but I don't think my writing is good enough to be publishable but to be able to edit someone else's work and help them along the road of publishing and getting their name out there is almost as good. In fact I can't really imagine a future where I am not editing.

We talked and I explained to my husband that writing is incredibly important to me, but so is editing. Writing is a pipe dream, editing is where I see my future. It was a little hard to think that for a moment my husband wasn't going to support my dream for my future and only my pipe dream, but I am incredibly thankful that he is still as supportive as ever. He promised to make sure I don't let myself get too busy and I promised him that our family was more important to me than editing or writing. I am well aware that there may come a time when I have to chose between letting my writing suffer and concentrating on the editing and/or proofreading side of things. Right now I think I would sooner let my writing fall by the wayside than my dreams for my future and when that time comes I know that my husband will be standing right by my side supporting me in whatever I chose to do.

All of us writers need a support system if our fragile egos are going to survive rejections, set backs and criticizing. My husband is an amazing support to me and never lets me forget that he thinks I have talent and I can't go about wasting it. Even when we don't see eye to eye he realizes how important it is to me and is always standing by my side, not putting me down. Do you have a support system? Someone you call with the good and bad news? Someone who kicks you in the butt as well as brings you back to reality? I do and I'm thankful everyday for that. Today, thank your support system for being there for you. Sometimes they need to hear how much you appreciate and need the support they give you.