When Life Happens...

I had intended to make this blog post about my first TLC-U Workshop session with Matt Wallace (http://www.matt-wallace.com/TLC.htm) but life got in the way Saturday and I ended up spending three hours in the Emergency Room instead. As many of you know my husband and I are expecting our first baby... and we had a bit of a scare Saturday morning and ended up rushing to the hospital. It quite possibly could have been an over reaction but being our first we didn't know what to do and thought it better to be on the safe side. So off to the hospital we went.

Thankfully everything turned out just fine and it was nothing more than a scare. The baby is fine and still as active as ever and that is the important thing. However, after missing the workshop it got me thinking about how unplanned life can be.

Life does not work around our schedule. Life happens and we have to take things in stride. This is especially important in the life of a writer because, lets face it, it's not like your average 9-5 job. Us writers have to fit writing into our already busy lives and life isn't always kind when it comes to scheduling writing time. Emergencies may arise, the computer may die, or the kid gets the flu and writing gets stuck by the wayside.

Now, obviously life is important and when it decides to happen we have to roll with the punches and hope our writing finds its way through to the other side. On the other hand writing couldn't happen without a little bit of life to spice up our imaginations. Writing is very much an experience based thing and without ever having felt grief or fear then how can we efficiently and believably write about it?

So yes, I missed my writing workshop and my dialogue probably could have used a lot of help from it, but there are three other sessions for me to attend and in the end I got to experience life (though I would have been just as happy if I didn't have to go through that moment of terror.) So the next time life happens and writing doesn't, think of it as a day of research, a day of learning more about life so that we can write about it even better. Experience is  the best teacher.