Instant Mother-Hood

This week I joined the ranks of instant mother-hood. Apart from the fact that I have a little, very active, one growing inside of me my youngest sister has moved in for eight days. I have already given up on the "only 1 hour of video games/TV a day" rule ... She's not my kid. I can spoil her and it keeps her out of my hair. haha. But really, I have to admit, this whole looking after another person thing has done me good. Not only am I getting out of bed on time so that I can get things done, I am actually getting things done. I suddenly feel more motivated to get up, to write, to clean, to be a good example to my little sister and spend less time on Facebook and Twitter (probably because I don't let her sit in front of the TV all day. No one wants to be a hypocrite.)

I have written more in the past three days than I have in an entire month. I have gotten up on time more days in a row than since I first got pregnant. I am exhausted by the end of the day but boy does it feel good.

I am heading off to the lake for the long weekend and I am really looking forward to a little relaxing and a lot of writing. I have my little sister for another three days after we get home and I cannot wait to see if my motivation keeps up.

Being pregnant for our first child instills a little bit of terror in me from time to time but after these last three days I have to admit I'm looking forward to having a little body around the house. Sure, I probably won't feel that way when mother-hood turns into looking after a newborn ... then toddler... then very active five year old ... etc ... but at least I can look forward to nine years from now when the kid can entertain itself. Hopefully I won't have pulled out all my hair by then.

It scares me to think that having a family might ruin my hopes of a writing career but now I have hopes that it will motivate me to use my time more wisely, instead of wasting it on social network sites. Only time will tell but I want to thank my sister for giving me a little taste of mother-hood. Now to attempt to survive the rest of her eight day stay.