Long Overdue: Writer's Block, Genres And a Better Week.

Well I had a few posts to make last week. One about when is the right time to choose a genre or niche to confine myself to, one about writer's block and how I don't know what to write anymore. But apparently wordpress decided to not work and it saved you all from some depressing and dismal posts. I have had a much better week this week. I'm writing again, which is great. I have a short break from proofreading, which is great. And I have a writer's workshop coming up in August, which is awesome. (For those wondering it's The Loose Cannon-Unloads by Matt Wallace. I don't know if there are any spaces left but it starts August 6th. http://www.matt-wallace.com/TLC.htm)

So all in all I'd say it's been a good start of the week. Finally. So now I figure I'll touch briefly on the two things that I was GOING to write about last week but was thwarted.

#1. Choose a genre or niche. When to do it. Why confine yourself to a single genre or niche? Just because you wrote a crime fiction novel does that mean you're stuck to crime fiction or can you branch out and write something else? I think so. If Peter Jackson can direct Lord of the Rings, The Lovely Bones, and Heavenly Creatures why can we as writers not write crime fiction, romance, and science fiction? We shouldn't be confined to a single genre. I enjoy reading everything from historical fiction to sci-fi to high fantasy so why should I not be allowed to write in all genre's I love?

This was something tough for my to think about last week because I was down about being blocked and I was blaming it on the fact that I didn't know what kind of genre I wanted to paste my name onto. As writers we should be able to write where our creativity takes us, not where our future readers are going to expect us to go.

So that leads me to writer's block. I was partially blocked because I stressing about being confined to a genre and not knowing if what I was writing currently was what I wanted to be stuck doing, and partially blocked because I just didn't feel like writing. I am a strong believer in writer's block being more attributed to lack of motivation than an actual lack of creativity. We all have those days when we don't want to sit down in front of our computer's or pick up that pen and write. We find every possible way to get distracted by facebook, email, twitter, google ... but I know for a fact that on those kinds of days if I pick up my computer and drive or walk somewhere without internet or with less distraction, life a coffee shop, I will get writing done, even if I felt completely blocked.

I've read in other blogs and heard people say that we have to treat writing as a job. You don't just decide not to go into work in the morning because you don't feel like it if you work construction or you're a doctor or even a waitress, so why do we decide not to write when we don't feel like it? If we're writers we obviously want this passion of ours to take us somewhere in life so it's time to stop blaming lack of motivation of writer's block and just sit down and get it done. Even if it's only a paragraph.

There. Rant Done. I know we all suffer from this stuff and we can all tell ourselves that we just have to sit down and do it but there are going to be those days when we really can't write, or when we have a week where we just feel down. I guess the trick is to just get through it, keep trying, and start writing again as soon as you can.