Getting Priorities in Order

I'm constantly told that when it comes to writing there is no "how do you make time?!" but it's more wanting to make time. When something is a higher priority to us then we make sure it gets done. Yesterday, for instance, was a day full of different kinds of tasks that had very obvious levels of priority. I woke up, had my breakfast and started installing doorknobs around my house. I've been living in this house for 9 months now and we just bought doorknobs the other night. I was anxious to get them on and so they became priority #1.

Priority #2 was editing some writing I had transcribed the day before for a friend of the family. With priority #1 out of the way I actually sat down on got priority #2 done.

Then my ipod decided to delete everything when I went to update... and suddenly writing, horses, dogs...etc... got put by the wayside and I spent a few hours researching alternatives to ipods.

I did get a little bit of brainstorming done for my newest novel but I didn't do any writing, nor did I go exercise horses, nor did I walk dogs. It's funny how one little thing can just come in and derail your whole day.

So, people say that writing has to be made a priority and then we will make time for it. Does that mean it should be priority #1 in an attempt to avoid the derail effect that happens all too often? Or should we strive to get writing done despite a derailing?

I'm hoping today goes better and that I actually get somewhere. Of course i have a list of priorities for today as well. On the top of it is get some paying work done and then go see my horses, clean my office (which is an attempt to create a better writing space,) make dinner and then, possibly, if my husband doesn't distract me with TV, get some writing done. It seems like a recipe for failure. I guess it's time to get my priorities in order.