Uh Oh… Now what do I call this thing?

Starting a blog is so simple, anyone can do it. There are an abundance of free blog hosts out there and it takes about 5 minutes. When browsing Facebook I get little notifications every couple of weeks from friends who started blogs about… Well life I guess. But everyone blogs about life and I think that we have to have something extra interesting to share to make people want to actually read and follow your blog. I started a blog because… Well I’m told I’m supposed to if I want to have an internet presence as a writer. And apparently platforms are very important now. I joined Twitter thinking THAT would be my online platform… Um yeah, apparently everyone who has Twitter also blogs.

So now I’m stuck blogging and I can’t just blog about life, because that is uninteresting. I can’t just blog about Writing, because I don’t know enough. I write. I don’t KNOW anything about publishing or selling stories because I have yet to sell a story or publish anything. So what should I do this blog about?

There are a few options. I could blog about how I fit writing and school into my busy life of construction and a baby (not here yet so that’s kinda premature) I could blog about things I learn in my courses… but those don’t start for a few months and, unfortunately, I’ll probably only be able to do one semester this year anyway. I could just blog about the problems of naming a blog without copying someone else or just being boring. There are options… I just don’t know which one to take. So for now this blog remains nameless. All I know is that it is going to involve writing. And I will try and find useful things to say.